Anti-Nuclear, Political Activist

Arms Control Association

Dear Anti-Nuclear War Warriors,

This organization which has existed since 1971, just landed in my in-box and I want to share it with you. The Arms Control Association is full of good information. The research and articles cover the world theater from US-Russian relations to actions by the French. I suppose it could be depressing to read their reports and analysis, but pretending there is nothing to worry about might be worse. Humans have the capacity to deny and ignore threats too unbearable to imagine. Perhaps full and unflinching knowledge will bring a different kind of calm, one build on showing up to reality. We do have a way of soothing ourselves by creating of bubble on not-knowing.

Let me know what you think of becoming more informed?

In peace and the promise of a Beloved Community embracing the whole world.


Published by Betsy Bell

Betsy Bell, born before WWII in New York City, spent her formative years in the Jim Crow town of Muskogee, Oklahoma. As a Girl Scout, she began her social justice activism working with a bi-racial team to integrate public schools after the 1954 Supreme Court decision mandating the end of school segregation. After completing her BA and MA at Bryn Mawr College, she began an academic career in Lawrence, Kansas where her husband taught. In Lawrence, she advocated for reproductive rights with Planned Parenthood. She lives in Seattle where she has held several career positions. Twice widowed, Betsy has published two short memoirs and several poems. For the past fourteen years, Betsy has worked with the Seattle area faith communities toward economic justice through the Jubilee USA Network. Betsy believes in the power of ordinary citizens to create a positive, inclusive and just society.