Speak Up! Speak Out! Radio    February 24, 2021  Features Nuclear weapon activist and author Betsy Bell talking about her book “Open Borders.” Originally presented over Zoom at the quarterly meeting of NoMoreBombs on February 17.  Listen now.

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Betsy Bell, longtime anti-nuclear weapon activist, and author of “Open Borders”, talked to the Skagit No More Bombs Committee about the beginning of the anti-nuclear weapon movement in Seattle and the 1983 visit of Seattleites to Sister City Tashkent in Uzbekistan, a part of the USSR at that time.

Betsy Bell is a longtime justice activist living in Seattle. Her anti-war memoir, Open Borders: A personal story of love, loss, and anti-war activism, recounts her efforts, along with many others, to end the Cold War nuclear weapon build-up.


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