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To prepare you for the questions you’ll be asking yourself as you read and finish the book, here is a list of questions for readers found in the back pages. Pondering them may encourage you to read the book with friends and think about the issues beneath the story line.

Open Borders

Topics for Discussion

Open Borders tells the story of direct conversations between citizens of two nations considered hostile to each other. The intent was to break down walls between nations.
• How do you view this type of action in the current political environment?
• How do social media interactions compare to face-to-face conversations?
• Do you believe the actions taken were effective in furthering peace? Nationalism and ethnic isolation are on the rise around the world. The author advocates freedom of movement across international boundaries and the vital importance of human connections between citizens of different nations.
• In our current political environment what challenges do you see to this approach?
• What nations would you put at the top of your list for organized civilian action?
• Would terrorism and personal safety issues prevent you from visiting Russia? Iran? North Korea?
• Do you see value in isolating another nation?
Like many women of that time, the author struggles with her role as a wife and a mother and her desire to have a career.
• Many more women work outside of the home today, but is this challenge a thing of the past?
• Have you or someone you know struggled with similar issues?
Moral purpose guides the author and her husband as they become deeply involved in the local efforts to reduce the nuclear threat between the Soviet Union and the United States.
• What principles guide you?
• Have your principals driven you to unexpected social or political action?
• How have you responded when a principled action puts you into conflict with someone you respect?
• How might you resolve those differences?

Published by Betsy Bell

Betsy Bell, born before WWII in New York City, spent her formative years in the Jim Crow town of Muskogee, Oklahoma. As a Girl Scout, she began her social justice activism working with a bi-racial team to integrate public schools after the 1954 Supreme Court decision mandating the end of school segregation. After completing her BA and MA at Bryn Mawr College, she began an academic career in Lawrence, Kansas where her husband taught. In Lawrence, she advocated for reproductive rights with Planned Parenthood. She lives in Seattle where she has held several career positions. Twice widowed, Betsy has published two short memoirs and several poems. For the past fourteen years, Betsy has worked with the Seattle area faith communities toward economic justice through the Jubilee USA Network. Betsy believes in the power of ordinary citizens to create a positive, inclusive and just society.